Are Motivational Quotes Helpful For A Person? How?

There is an old saying concerning reading, “You become what you read.” Reading Motivational quotes is a good spend concerning reading. But life doesn’t end on text; it continues and grooms in living.

 Self Motivation is the mother of all motivation, for those who believe in it might say reading motivational quotes doesn’t make a difference. Human minds are mostly unstable, so for those non-exceptional (those who lack self-motivation), people reading motivational quotes have bought in significant changes in life. It will be great if one could start implementing a 2% of what they learned from the motivational quotes.

Are Motivational Quotes Helpful For a Person? How?
Are Motivational Quotes Helpful For A Person? How?

 My Experience About Motivational Quotes

 In my field, failures are quite often than success. Whenever we failed, what happens with us is the lack of confidence. It helps a lot but doesn’t last long as success will change the mind. It seems to be a comedy, but that is how it works. Again getting motivated and the cycle keeps repeating.


 The mind that listens started practicing, and now it becomes a habit. Those lines of motivation are working currently in real life, and now we are passing it to the next generation.


 Reading is like sighting. Practicing is like flirting, and when it becomes a habit, it is love.

Are Motivational Quotes Helpful For a Person? How?
Are Motivational Quotes Helpful For A Person? How?

 Know More About Motivating Yourself

Motivation is not like a one-time booster dose of Hepatitis vaccine. I find this quote by Zig Ziglar, a quintessential one on motivation. Motivation is what makes us human.

 Students labor hard in their academics. Good grades are their motivation.

 Employees toil hard on their job. Pay rise and promotion is their motivation.

 Athletes train for hours in a day for years. A moment of glory in the biggest sporting arena in front of cheering crowds is their motivation.

 So you see motivation is constant. It is our shadow. It keeps us going. This ceases when we cease to exist like a shadow does when there is no light.

 When there is light, and there is no one but you, there is always your shadow. You may not still care to look after the shadow, but it is there. Like a shadow, inherent motivation is often “taken for granted.” It is when we perceive darkness in the bright world; we search for the shadow to make us believe that there is light.

 Motivational Quotes, speeches, books, writings, videos surely work. Do all of them work similarly to all the people? The answer to that why people have different tastes and preferences?

 How Did Things work?

 I have my personal story of being benefitted by motivational quotes. I had a bunch of motivational video collection in my drive, some motivational books and used to read motivational quotes. I watched them and read them but never felt that they were any good to me. I was doing good with my grades, my relationship. One beautiful day everything I hoped would last as good as it is fell apart. I had nothing and no one to rely on those dark times other than the collection of motivation works I had.

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