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If you are looking for the best 2020 planners, you have hit the right place. You must be one of those super-organized people whose life is simply incomplete without planners. Some people are fond of stationery goods, and planners may be one of them. In the new year, many such fanatics visit the most happening stationery stores to buy planners or at least look through them. There is a saying that goes ‘if you write something down, you cannot forget it’ applies here. It is indeed true; if you note down something the moment it comes to your mind; you can never forget it. If you forget, look into the planner later and you will remember it. Paper planners are more popular for the very same reason, no matter how digital you have become.

Difference Between a Planner and a Diary

A diary comes handy when you want to write down something. You do write your thoughts, experiences, and opinions in diaries. A planner is more of a log with specific dates and times. You can write down appointments, tasks, contacts, and many things in a more systematic manner in the planner. The planner gives you a lot of freedom of expression. You can do goal-setting and enter it quick enough. You can carry it around without any hassle. So, now you do not need to worry about internet connections and power. The world is at your fingertips. People mostly use paper diaries to take notes, manage work, write stories, daily occurrences, and important tit-bits of information. However, planners are more intelligent in that respect. They will remind you and make you do the work on time. Paper is ruling, as the electronic varieties can fall prey to power fluctuations and web disconnections.

Best 2020 Planners to Choose From

Planners can be of several types. You may choose to carry a few with you or keep it at your desk. The choice is completely yours. Planners are used for single users as well as entire families. Let us see the different brands that are available in the market. Ponderlily planner is one of them. The quality is simply superb. You can find lovely photos of the planner. It has road maps to take you in the right direction. There is space even to write your hopes and aspirations. The original Dodo-pad is another planner; you should give a chance.

Sir John Verney had invented the planner. It is the family planner we just told you about. The planner is a spiral-bound book with blank notes pages, with weekly schedules, and each page features a joke, sketch, or some riddle. Moleskin smart planner is another smart device. You can transfer your thoughts to paper, and it will get automatically transferred to your Google calendar. You can write in longhand. The data is transferred immediately to your phone or computer via Bluetooth. So, now you understand the requirement of a planner in your life.

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