How To Use Correction Tape And Correction Fluid? How To Use Correction Tape And Correction Fluid?

Use To Correction Tape

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We all make mistakes every once in a while. Errors can be in conversation with someone, in an action that you did, and it can even be while you are writing something. Of course, when you’re writing with a pencil, your mistakes are easily fixable. However, what if you are filling out an important form or signing an essential document, and you make a mistake? Aside from this, imagine the following. You are going for a meeting with a planner, are already running a bit behind schedule, and you suddenly find a mistake in some essential papers. You do not have the time to run back to the printer and fix this mistake. In situations such as these, correction and correction fluid are your best friends.

How To Use Correction Tape And Correction Fluid
How To Use Correction Tape And Correction Fluid

Difference Between Correction Tape And Correction Fluid

Correction fluid and correction tape both have the same functions. They whiten out spots where someone has made a mistake. This is also the reason for correction pens, and other stationery of the same kind are also called whiteners. The two types of whitener are correction fluid and correction tape. Here’s the difference between the tape and fluid. Correction fluid comes in either a bottle or a pen dispenser. It is a fluid that we can apply over paper for a mistake made. One must allow it to dry before rewriting over it. Correction tape, on the other hand, is just tape. One side of it is clear, and the other is white. Since it’s just tape, you need not wait to rewrite over it. Instead, you can do so immediately. This is the small but significant difference between correction tapes and correction fluids, i.e., different kinds of whiteners. You may even come across correction fluids which offer “extra coverage” for more difficult mistakes to hide.

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Planner 2020 Journal Notebook

Using Correction Tape And Correction Fluid Carefully

Think about the previously mentioned example of running late for a meeting. Here’s where, as mentioned before, correction fluids and tapes become your best friends. Of course, there are some pointers to know about using whiteners.

  • Don’t run a document or any paper through a printer or a photocopy machine if someone has used correction fluid or tape on it. It is not a problem with the liquid or tape by itself. However, if run through a printer or copy machine, it may prove to become a problem. It can end up soiling the inner parts of the printer and photocopy machines, including the printer’s rollers due to the chemicals of which they consist.
  • If using paper with correction fluid or tape on it, be rather careful. You ought to lay the paper down extremely flat on any machine – fax machine, photocopier, scanner, etc. After you have used the machine, wipe any residue of the fluid or tape with a damp cloth.
  • This last pointer is to tell you to be careful with where all you use correction fluid and tape. While it is the easiest thing to do to help you cover up mistakes, certain forms and documents prohibit the use of correction materials. This includes most legal documents which require your signature on them. If authorities find correction fluid or tape on these kinds of documents, they may consider it as having been tampered with, and that can get you in trouble.
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