Bullet Journal Daily Art Planners


High-quality notebooks for bullet journaling
Map out and create your daily productivity lists to reach your goals
Be as creative as you want and add drawings and inspirational quotes
Available in blank pages, lined, dotted, grid, and to-do list variants
Sizes: A5 (210 X 150 mm)/A6 (150/114 mm)
Package contents: 1 x Bullet Journal Daily Art Planners with elastic thread


Bullet Journal Daily Art Planners

Bullet journal notebooks can be anything that you feel like writing on. The system of bullet journaling has brought out a lot of fun and creativity for those who wanted to be more organized. The Bullet Journal Daily Art Planners are just some of the best notebooks for the job.

What is bullet journaling?

If you’re familiar with the use of bullets in word processors and writing in a diary, it is basically a mix of both. A New York designer, Ryder Carroll, is the creator of bullet journaling. According to him, it is meant to “track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future.” The bullet journal, also known as ‘bujo,’ is where you can make lists of things to do on a specific date by entering them in bullets. It is another way of monitoring your productivity since you may also treat these bullet items as a checklist. At the same time, these things to do may very well be steps towards a goal you are working on to achieve. If you are also artistically talented, you can add drawings to your lists and collect inspirational quotes to make it more interesting.

What Makes A Good Notebook?

Anyone who has experience in writing on a diary at least may want a notebook with many sheets. The cover is also to consider because it protects your ‘bujo.’ The quality of the leaves must also be put under scrutiny if you’ve turned your bujo into an art form. Ideally, bullet journals have sheets that are dotted instead of lined. But for those who prefer blank pages, lines, and grids, we also have a variety of these. The pages are simple so that you can customize them to your liking. There are also two available sizes of notebooks in A5 and A6. Be as creative and imaginative as you want while working towards a better and more organized living.


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