Flat Water Bottle Memo Container


A flat water bottle that will fit certain spaces
Carry it in your bag with books, files, your laptop that will fit easily compared to cylindrical water bottles
Designed to be expansive so you can carry as much volume as around water container
Material: PC plastic/Colors: pink; green; white; black; yellow, brown, orange, purple, red, blue or with box
Sizes available: A5 (380-480ml; no box)/A6 (320ml; no box)
Package contents: 1 x Flat Water Bottle Memo Container

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Flat Water Bottle Memo Container

A flat water bottle is something not everybody would expect. For the longest time, cylindrical bottlers have always taken the spotlight. Now, the Flat Water Bottle Memo Container is here offering a different way of carrying water when storage is challenged.

Why A Flat Bottle?

The answer to that lies in the bags that many students and office workers are using today. Typically, it would be much of an issue because they fit most storage packs. However, specific bags can’t take it round bottles because space is only for particular shapes. If you have a messenger bag that only caters to items with edges, indeed, you need a different type of water container. If what you have in your bag are books, a tablet computer, rectangular cases, and more, this flat-type water bottle will fit in. These bottles have the size of an A5 and an A6 document to allow a certain amount of water. It will fit bags that you’re using on the daily, and it makes sense that it can fit among your books, files, laptop, and more.

Taking Inspiration From An Age-Old Container

It is not the first among its kind. One may look at the wine or alcohol flasks that people carry in their person if they want to have something to drink nearby. It is close to being as flat but still maintains a curve. However, these flasks are smaller while the water bottle of today has more impact on size because it needs to adjust to a certain amount of space available. Two sizes are available to cater to your needs and ten colors to choose from. You can choose to receive the bottle in a retail box or not. This PC plastic is food-grade and safe to carry your refreshing drink.


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