Journal Diary 100 Bucket List


The perfect and fun way of recording your bucket list and everyday memories
In each page, stick a photo or memorabilia of a trip and its details
Notebook size: 13cm x 18cm/ Inner Pages 244
Package includes: 1 x notebook, 1 x pen, 2 x decor stickers, 1 x paper ruler

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Journal Diary 100 Bucket List

Everyone’s got their list of things-to-do-before-dying, but only a few write it down. Journal Diary 100 Bucket List is the perfect and fun way of recording your bucket list. This planner sets a space for your inspiration, and it could be a photo or anything that represents this adventure. And, upon achievement of this adventure, fill the page with the details of your fulfillment.

It is an excellent journal that you that is fit for people like you who love chasing goals and chasing moments. Life happens only ones. Make each day count. Find pleasure in discovering yourself and your desires and never let it pass your head without putting it in the Journal Diary 100 Bucket List. In the coming days, you might want to grab this from the shelf and look back to the day you discovered about this journal and started building your goals and aspirations.

As you continue to fill this in, you create a new world – a happy world. It will serve as a reminder of how colorful your life is and that the world can be of rainbows and cupcakes. The Journal Diary 100 Bucket List is a world that you build, and you can fill it with fun and exploration.


“You Only Live Once” became everyone’s dare-to-dare expression. Would you agree less? Life happens once, and it happens short. So make sure to appropriately plan all of the good stuff, achieve, and document these memories that are worth sharing to your children and the coming generation.

As soon as you start putting details in it, what seemed to be just a boring book will then become a treasure. From being a mere object, it becomes a motivation to live life to the fullest. So get your Journal Diary 100 Bucket List now because you only live once.


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