Marquee Letters LED Party Decors

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The Marquee Letters are ideal for parties, photoshoots or as home decorations
It is light and easy to transport; it is safer than plug-in decorations
It produces a warm color that’s unique and eye-catching
Material: Plastic/ Light Source: LED Light
Size: 16 cm/ Weight: Approx. 98g
Package Contents: 1 x LED Marquee letter (Batteries not Included)


Marquee Letters LED Party Decors

Make events as memorable as ever with these Marquee Letters! The LED light letters will surely grab everyone’s attention the whole time! All 26 letters of the English alphabet are available so you can go ahead and spell any word you need. The decors are 16 cm in size, and the outer case is of plastic material. It makes it lightweight and easy to carry. If you’ve organized parties before, you’ll know that there’s more than just one type of decoration. With that, it takes a lot of effort to transport them to the venue. It’s a good thing that these are easy to carry; you can arrange without much work.

Unique Decorations

LED letters are popular decoration nowadays, and the reason is that you can’t miss them. Whether you’re proposing to your loved one or just expressing your feelings, your message will surely come across. But parties and events are not the only occasions you can use them for. The marquee letters will fit right in your room too. You can spell your name or inspirational words to motivate you every day. Moreover, these are perfect for photoshoots also. Whether it’s an engagement or just a solo one, you will find a good use for them

Wireless Lights

The LED letters are battery-powered; that makes them much safer than plug-in ones. You can also save energy and cost because of that, but please be informed that the package doesn’t include the batteries. You can either hang the letters or keep them on the floor; it’s all up to you. The light color that it produces is a warm color, so it isn’t too bright and distracting to the eyes. To operate it, you have to push the button to turn it on or off. Finally, its voltage is less than 36V.


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