A Motivation To Youngsters

Virat Kohli- An Motivation To Youngsters

Time and again Virat Kohli has proved himself with his impeccable batting skills at every format of cricket. Domestic and international. The captain of the Indian Cricket team has been a motivation. Winning the hearts of millions worldwide contributing significantly to the Indian cricket team. Establishing jaw-dropping records and reaching new peaks of success. For such a young age, his achievements are mind-boggling. He possesses an unquenchable hunger for more and his heart is at the right place. The confident and fearless captain has a burning desire to achieve bigger milestones. Set new benchmarks He also runs charity organizations and does his share for social welfare.

Virat Kohli The Biggest Motivation In The Cricket World

The right-handed batsman has demonstrated a consistent spike in his career graph throughout. Dominating every format of the game. Virat has broken a plethora of world records etching his name in gold in the annals of cricket history. Receiving love and accolades from millions the cricketer is often praised by the legends from all over the world. He is a motivation not only to cricketers but also to athletes and youngsters from all around the world. The towering talent endorsed uninhibited enthusiasm that won millions of hearts.

Kohli is undoubtedly India’s best batsman now and shall remain unbeaten in the coming future as well. At a young age, his achievements are mind-boggling.

Fearless attitude paired with the urge to take on the world has fuelled. The desire to be on top of the global platform. The towering talent is a powerhouse of uninhibited enthusiasm that puts him on the national radar.

At the age of 29, he had already registered 32 ODI hundreds to his credits. Which is more than any other Indian batsman except Sachin Tendulkar. A Motivation to millions he has fulfilled his duties with greater responsibility.

Virat Kohli- The Third Player To Score The Most Number Of International Hundreds Following Ricky Ponting And Sachin Tendulkar

Virat Kohli has been an international sensation attracting eyeballs all over the world with his performance. Hence the veteran cricketer has already had 64 international hundreds in ODI’s and 25 in the test. Ranking third after Ricky Ponting and the Indian God of Crickets Sachin Tendulkar.

Virat Kohli has certainly taken every onlooker by surprise. Lehmann, the Australian coach has confessed his love for the Indian team captain, Virat Kohli time and again. Although at a young age, Kohli set stunner run in the international cricket. He is the only cricketer to score six double hundreds in test cricket.

Kohli has been a game-changer for India. He acted as a catalyst to help India become a global superpower. His vision and desire to play for the country is evident from his game

Consistently evolving and outperforming himself as the captain. The 30 years old has been a team man with his sole focus to better his game on the ground. He enjoys  one of the highest fan bases in the cricket world

He emerged victorious due to his sound temperament even till the last ball was bowled he keeps his calm. Kohli’s exuberant shade is evident when he is on the field.

The rare quality to absorb stress ahead of a succeeding game lays the foundation of a successful series. For someone who idolizes Sachin Tendulkar, he has shouldered the burden left by him with excellence.

These knocks have put Kohli on a pedestal that can only enhance his stature. He has already led the Indian cricket team. Flourished as a leader and remains India’s biggest hope to turn the match in favor.

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